Please join us this Thursday, April 29, for a

Lag B'omer Boat Cruise - Dinner and Fishing Excursion!

Great fun for ALL AGES - Children and Adults! Enjoy the evening out aboard the luxurious “ISLAND CURRENT III”, Sailing from the Town Dock, 347 Main St, Port Washington. Boarding 6:00 PM. Sailing 6:30-8:30 PM.

WEATHER UPDATE - PURCHASE RISK FREE: We are monitoring the weather and are praying for and anticipating good weather, G‑d willing. In case of light rain, the boat can go out, and there is an indoor cabin. Just bring a rain poncho/jacket.  If rain is heavy and the event is canceled, or if you need to cancel, your reservation will be refunded. So go ahead and save your spot, risk free! 

Click here to reserve your tickets!  

Covid-Safe: Outdoors, Exclusive Charter, following CDC guidelines, masks, social distancing, etc.

Discounted Tickets: Only $30 Per Person. Children 10 and under - $20. Maximum $100 per family. (every person - even babies - must have a ticket to board!).  Optional sponsor donation - $180, $360, or any other amount :)  

Includes: Cruise Admission, Fishing Equipment and Bait, Hot Dinner and Refreshments.

Hurry! 75 person maximum capacity! Previous years were sold out!

Advance reservations ONLY - Click Here to purchase your tickets. 

For more info email [email protected] or call 516-484-3500.

We look forward to sailing with you!

The Rabbis, Rebbetzins and staff at Chabad of Roslyn



Lag B’Omer (the 33rd day of the Omer Count) celebrates the end of the plague amongst the students of the great 2nd century sage Rabbi Akiva, and also the passing of his disciple, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, who was the first to publicly teach the "Kabbalah," and authored the Zohar. On the day of his passing, he instructed his disciples to mark the date as "the day of my joy." On this day the mourning practices of the Omer period are suspended, and it is celebrated with outings, bonfires, and other joyous events.