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Services in a warm, family environment. Be a part of it!

Our Services
At Chabad of Roslyn, the services are traditional, and are conducted in a joyous, casual atmosphere. Many of those who attend cannot read Hebrew, yet everyone feels at home. The prayer book is bi-lingual and various English readings are included in the service. Song and commentary add meaning and participation to the prayers. Children are included and most welcome.
Children's Program
A weekly children's program complete with mini-services, games, sweets and fun is available weekly for children of all ages!
Shabbat Kiddush
Chabad of Roslyn provides a weekly Shabbat Kiddush. We are in the process of constructing a NEW Kiddush/Social Hall, which will allow us to provide our community with the venues necessary to share many beautiful Simchot/Happy Occassions and community functions together.
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Upcoming events
May. 15, 2021
May. 16, 2021
May. 16, 2021
Join the Rabbis for all-night Torah study! It is customary to stay awake and study Torah the entire night of Shavuot.
Coffee & refreshments!
May. 17, 2021