Chabad Hebrew High School is a special program for post Bar/Bat Mitzvah age boys and girls, grades 8 – 12. The program enables teenagers to continue their Jewish education and build strong foundations in their lives as Jews, enriched with moral and ethical values. Together they learn and discuss important and pertinent issues, as well as socialize and enjoy a fun filled program in the company of fellow Jewish teens.

Each session includes the following:

  1. Interactive learning sessions, discussions and debates on critical issues such as Intermarriage, Anti-Semitism, Pre-marital relationships and proof of G‑d’s existence.
  2. Delicious snacks with time to shmooz and socialize.
  • Every month there is a trip. Either to a Jewish-related place such as the Holocaust Museum, or pleasure-related such as Dave 'n' Busters, Laser Tag and Skating.
  • Students also have opportunities to fill community service hours.
  • Hebrew High School meets one evening of the week, for the duration of the school year, at the Chabad Jewish Learning Center.
  • To enroll or for more information please contact Rabbi Yaakov Wilansky, at (516) 484-3500, or 516-387-2224, or email [email protected].