Reading: Review of reading skills and advancement in reading proficiency.
Writing: Practice Hebrew writing skills.
Language: Advancement in Hebrew Vocabulary.

Review previously learned prayers. Add: Baruch Sheomar, Vehaya, more of Amidah, beginning of Aleinu, and more, using regular Siddur.
Shabbat Prayers: Kiddush for Friday night, Kaddish/Amen, Vayehi Binsoah.
Synagogue Dynamics: Chazan, Gabbai, Baal Koreh.

Meaning and rituals of upcoming holidays using “Spiral Curriculum” Level 3.

Prophets and Jewish History:
Entry of Jewish people into Israel. From Joshua through destruction of first Temple and story of Purim.
Includes topics such as: Prophecy, definition of wisdom, true friendship, and more.

Jewish life:
“Torahpedia”: Twenty-two lessons focusing on one Mitzvah for each letter of the Aleph-Bet. Using an engaging activity book, the students have fun as they learn twenty-two fundamental Jewish lessons that are applicable to their lives.