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Donor's Tablet

Donor's Tablet

donor's tablet

As you select this year’s High Holiday reservations, please consider benefitting many years to come by participating in our Mikvah Donor’s Tablet and/or our Kiddush Social Hall Donor’s Tablet. The Donor's Tablets will include our membership package, seats for the High Holidays and your family’s name inscribed at either our Mikvah’s entrance and/or our Kiddush Social Hall until the Moshiach. Your donation will catapult our Mikvah’s final completion and/or our long awaited Kiddush Social Hall and secure your merit ‘On High’.

An Elegant Engraved ‘Donor’s Tablet’ Will be a Permanent Fixture of Beauty and Tribute in the Front Lobby Of The Mikvah and Kiddush Social Hall

Donor’s Tablet Amounts
❦ Builder $100,000 ❦ Pillar $50,000 ❦ Founder $25,000 ❦ Benefactor $10,000 ❦ Patron $5,000 ❦ Chai Sponsor $1,800

Click here to join the donor's tablet and reserve your High Holiday seats