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Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade


Reading: Review of reading skills and advancement in reading proficiency.
Language: Advancement in Hebrew Vocabulary.

Review previously learned prayers. Add: Yishtabach, Vehoer Eineinu, Vayomer, more of Amidah, end of Aleinu, and more, using regular Siddur.
Shabbat Prayers: Barechu, Kedusha.
Synagogue Dynamics: Sitting/Standing and Prayer Service structure.

Meaning and rituals of upcoming holidays using “Spiral Curriculum” Level 4.

Jewish History:
The era of the Jews under Persian rule, continuing through the writing of the Talmud. This course helps frame the unfolding of Jewish Law.

Jewish life:
“Building a Better You”. A course designed to help build good character traits, morals and values. Includes interactive hands-on workbook with thought provoking activities and games.
Mitzvot incorporated in course: Gratitude, visiting the sick, hospitality, returning lost articles, being truthful, happiness, causing pain to animals, order & cleanliness, patience, responsibility, respect, and more.

Course Objective: To convey that Judaism defines not only our man-to-G‑d relationship, but also our man-to-man relationship. To be meaningful and holy humans, not angels

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