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Third Grade

Third Grade


Reading: Review of reading skills and advancement in reading proficiency.
Writing: Learn to write Hebrew Script.
Language: Advancement in Hebrew Vocabulary.

Review previously learned prayers. Add: Morning blessings, Ashrei, beginning of Amidah, and more, using “Kavanah Counts” prayer book, comprised of mini meditations, poetic explanations and translations.
Shabbat Prayers: Birchat Hamozon, Lecha Dodi, Oseh Shaolm Bimromav.
Synagogue Dynamics: Bimah, etc.

Meaning and rituals of upcoming holidays using “Spiral Curriculum” Level 2.

Bible / Jewish History:
Advanced study of Bereishit (Genesis), using worksheets, activities and discussions to make students think, and to teach the material in a very relevant way.

Jewish Life:
“Jewish Life Cycle”: Begins with each student “giving birth” to a set of twins - boy and girl. Students guide their “children” through various life cycle events: Birth, Brit Milah, baby naming, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, marriage, etc.

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