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  • JLI strength and struggleSample More Text
  • Lag B'omer Festival & BBQThursday, May 26, 5:30-7:00 PMClick for Details
  • Planned GivingSample More Text
  • The Tanners’ MarketAn address to children at a Lag B’omer paradeRead More
  • Just Hold on a Little LongerRead More
  • Loving Yourself to Love OthersHer father disowned her; she lost her social status in the community; she lost her friends and her...Read More
  • What Do You Know About Lag BaOmer?Take the test and see if you are a Lag BaOmer expertRead More

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Chabad Teen Network. The Chabad Global network for teens

Friendship Circle

Giving friendship to children with special needs


Watch your child blossom!

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